Community support


Beecholme Adult Care provides Community support for clients with mental health disabilities in their own homes, encouraging independent living, whether that is to retain, or regain independence.

Community Support aim to assist clients to better manage their mental health well-being and safety.   According to client’s needs and personalised care plan, support could include domestic support, managing self medication, appointments, key sessions, time management, etc. Visit durations depend on the individual client’s needs – visits can be from 2 hours a day to 2 hours once a week.

Community Support serves a purpose of relapse prevention- monitoring client’s mental state and providing the right support in a community. It also means, that individuals who don’t need 24/7 support can stay in their own homes and can avoid residential care and hospital stays.


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If you are a care professional, and would like to refer your client for Community support- please visit our Referrals page.