Most of us do not like changes. We don’t know how we can feel happy when plans change. Several studies show how important it is to have a routine since we are born so it is normal to make efforts to avoid changes during our life but it will happen eventually. Whether it’s moving to a different city, start a new job, end of a relationship, lose a loved one, the change will happen in our lives and we need to cope with it.

In other words, being able to cope with change is sometimes called resilience so let’s take a look at a few healthy practices for increasing your level of resilience and coping with change.


Maintain a positive Social Network

Social relationships are really important to help you with changes and having people around you who will support you through new changes will make it much easier and will give you the positivity you need.


Find your priorities

Changes in life allow you to think about where your priorities lie and it is an excellent opportunity to think about what is really important for you. Where do you see yourself wasting your time and energy? With a clear sense of your values and goals in life, you will find the right pathway for yourself.


Positive mindset

Try to have a positive mindset, focus on yourself.  Try some relaxation techniques and surround yourself with hope and optimism. Do not overthink. When a change happens we have the chance to deal with the uncertainty with faith or fear. Choose faith and write down the positives that have come from this change.


There is a reason for the change

Sometimes changes seem horrible at first but then are later revealed as blessings in disguise. Sometimes reasons are beyond your control and the changes are consequences of our mistakes. Is it important to accept the change and do not keep living in the past.


A change is a new begin

When something changes in our life we first feel instability. We ask ourselves “How am I gonna leave with this?”. It doesn’t matter what you do; the important thing is that you just do something however change takes effort so you have to persist, even when the going gets tough. There’s no easy way to accomplish change. Therefore, the change also takes time, so be patient.


Seek support

If you struggle to cope with the changes in your life, seek support. You don’t need to go through this alone and it is ok to ask for help. Our Counsellors or Life Coaches can help you to find strategies to deal with the change. Above all, remember to always prioritise yourself and see changes as opportunities in life only depend on you. Get support to look at the bright side of life.