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Paul Newhouse
Life coach, Therapist
£75 / session
Located in
Andalusia, Spain
About me
My name is Paul I’m in my late 40’s with lots of life experiences. I have lived through Trauma, Anxiety & Depression, Drug & Alcohol abuse and one of the main reasons I have taken this path to help others. I spent a long time trying to understand my problems and issues, and just working out my life’s meaning, going to therapy myself has helped me to see both sides, and I bring this experience, with everything else, to you’re therapy room. Before I decided to go down the journey of Counselling training, I trained as a carer, and spent a couple of years working with the elderly, young adults and adults with disabilities. I really enjoyed this work, but wanted to go a little further, and here I am today. I am also a web designer and in my spare time I like to DJ, and run a music magazine. I am a very easy-going person, and nothing shocks me, I am very understanding, and open-minded, and I bring these traits to my practice. I have counselled varied age-groups from 17 to 62, so no matter what age you are I am able to connect. No matter what you are going through, or what you have been through, or if you just need Life / Work Guidance, please get in touch.
Areas of Expertise
- Depression
- Stress, Anxiety
- Trauma and abuse
- Self esteem
- Substance abuse disorder
- Relationship / Couples issues
- Health and Wellness
- Life
- Business
Session details
How it works
Licence, accreditations & certifications
B.A. Degree in Counselling Skills & psychotherapy Studies
Certificate in Logotherapy
Level 4 [UK] Drugs & Alcohol Abuse Counselling
12 Step Recovery course by Russell Brand
Relationship and Family Counselling Level 3 [UK].
Self-Harm & Suicide Prevention training