Outreach Community & Engagement Center


Opened in 2017, Community Outreach & Engagement Centre welcomes service users from the local community with or recovering from mental health problems and everyone who feel lonely or isolated. The Centre offers daily activities and workshops,which are also important aspects of BAC service user rehabilitation program.



The Outreach Centre is located at Beecholme residential care home address, in a tranquil Japanese and English style garden setting. The grounds have been carefully designed to provide a calm and welcoming environment which include water features, a koi pond, vegetable gardens, decking, seating and covered areas. The Centre is located close to local shops and transport for convenient access.


The Outreach Centre is a fully accessible purpose built facility with a disabled washroom, small cafe area, comfortable group seating areas, as well as private rooms.


BAC community engagement program offers service users hands-on interaction with mental health professionals and other members of the community. Programs are organised based on individual care solutions.

BAC daily events and workshops offer support to service users who require additional help to overcoming mental health challenges and to prevent relapse through a range of meaningful activities, drop in sessions, 1:1 sessions and external speakers.


Meaningful Activities

Health and well being

Confidence building (strengths & weaknesses’)

Food and provisions

Therapeutic activities

Accessing employment/education

Finance and benefits


Dealing with stigma (coping skills)

Adapting to change

Stress management / anger management

Dignity, equality and respect


Drop in sessions

These will be casual sessions where customer can drop in and socialise, have a chat with each other and raise any issues or concerns with staff.


1:1 sessions

These sessions will be planned where customers can seek support accessing other customers.


External speakers

Physical Health: dieticians, stop smoking, sexual health services, diabetes nurse, gym / exercise groups, general nurse.

Mental Health: AA, Darts, Samaritans, hearing voices, service users in recovery, SANE.

Keeping safe: local police, PoHwer / advocacy, fire brigade, st johns ambulance, CAB.

Recovery: job centre / careers advisor, recovery college, benefits offices.

Individual Program

BAC individual programs are customised to each service user, allowing them to get the most out of our events and helping them on the road to independence. Each event is scheduled and organised in consultation with the service users during the weekly service users meeting.

Outreach Community & Engagement Centre Activities

Activities description

Art & Crafts

Take part in BAC Art & Crafts activities to improve your wellbeing, express your mood, and boost your confidence.

Breakfast Club

Start off a positive day! The purpose of the Club is to give Service User an opportunity to connect and socialise while enjoying a delicious breakfast.

Coffee and Cake

Join us for a nice chat while we have some coffee and cake! This is a great opportunity to socialise and discuss your problems and achievements!

Computer Group

Nice opportunity to learn new IT skills in a group session.

Dinner Preparation

A chance for s/u to cook their own meal with chosen staff support from minimum to maximum.

Dog Visiting

BAC welcomes Dogs visits with the emphasis on allowing the service users to interact with them and take them out for a walk. 

Exercise and Fitness

Learn more about the exercise and fitness. Join us for a nice class to improve your physical health and wellbeing.

Games Night

Play table games with us and have fun (dominos, bingo etc).

Healthy eating

Learn more about food and healthy habits.

Movie night

Movie of service user choice with complimentary snacks and refreshments.

Reviews my goals and feedbacks

Tell us your goals and progress and let us help you to be part of your development.

Service User Meeting 

Weekly service user meetings to catch with everyone as a group, raise any issues or concerns, share new information.

Smoothie Making

Create your vitamin boost! Choose your fruit, berries, veg and get a vitamin bomb to boost your immune system. Arrange extra items to be purchased in advance and join in the group. Get to know more about nutrition and balanced diet.

Talking Therapy

Had a rough day, but your key worker is not in? Need to ventilate your feelings, or just want to have a chat with somebody- sessions are in place to support you and be there for you when you need it.

Walking group

Start your day with a nice walk around Mitcham area! Good to do some exercise and socialise and meet with other people.