Online Therapy Can Help

Coronavirus has affected us all in different ways.

There are many worrying Covid-19 reports which seem to change every single day with different advice and recommendations, and for many of us, it can a daunting experience.

Of course, this is an anxious time for everyone. Still, some people are more emotionally vulnerable than others and feel more isolated and concerned about how they can cope during this pandemic than others.

And this is where online therapy comes in…

Talk to a therapist

You can now talk to a fully-qualified therapist professional who can offer you emotional and practical help just in the same way as if you were able to attend a physical appointment with them but without worrying about the social distancing.

Sometimes being able to talk to someone without having to be in the same direct proximity as them means you can open up to them more easily about your worries – if you can’t see them, perhaps you’ll feel more comfortable in being honest.

Instead of having to go out into town to visit your doctor or therapist for advice, now you can talk to a therapist online and have the listening, supporting, and helping roles they provide, directly in your own home from the safety of your sofa.

Because online therapists passionately believe that every single worry you have is valid – however trivial you may think it may be to others, our therapists appreciate it is like a tsunami to you.

So, if you have found that you are on your own, and feel isolated and fearful – for whatever reason, online therapy can seriously help you combat those fears and deal with the situation in a unique way, tailor-made treatment for you.

You may be in isolation due to the pandemic, but you are not in isolation with your worries.

Whatever the reason

Perhaps you may be worried about your health or maybe the health of another person?

Maybe you have concerns about your job or your finances?  Sometimes the feelings of loss and confusion or grief can feel overpowering, but it’s all valid.

With a qualified online therapist, you can receive their time talking about whatever concerns you may have via Skype, FaceTime, email, or just the phone – whichever way suits you best to have a chat and to overload…

You don’t need to worry about when and where and taking time off work or away from your other daily responsibilities – online therapists can work their magic at a time that suits you best, and there’s no additional commuting or travel concerns or costs for you to be bothered about.

Just because you don’t have a real-life face-to-face appointment doesn’t mean that your worries are any less critical than if you travel to an office or clinic for therapy – sometimes in-person therapy can exacerbate your stress, so perhaps this new way of looking for support may prove the way forward for you in the future as well…

So, if you have reliable internet access, or just a telephone, online therapy can be a quick and easy approach to treatment that might well have been unavailable to you in these difficult times.

This is your chance to share your emotional load.