About us


Our philosophy


At Beecholme Adult Care, we believe that the personal right of independence and freedom of choice of all service users is not only to be respected, but also encouraged through individual and group activities within the care home.

Our  supported housing offers high skilled care workers who help guide, educate and support service users struggling with mental health  to achieve well-being and good health. 

For us the freedom of individual decision-making is the foundation for successful reintegration into the public community.

Principles & Values Underspinning Our Services


Every service user has the right to maintain their own privacy.

Confidentiality of Information

Beecholme Adult Care will not share any personal information without the consent of the service user.

Access to Own Records

Transparent access to each service user’s own records.


Each service user is treated with equality, respect and dignity.

Fulfillment of Aspirations

BAC supported living services aim to ensure that the personal goals and aspirations of each service user is fulfilled.

Cooperative Consultations

Transparent approach regarding personal care and treatment options.

Independant Choice

Service Users are supported and encouraged to make personal choices and exercise social responsibility.

Progress Review

Regular review of progress to ensure advancement and recovery of mental health service users.

Legal Rights

Beecholme Adult Care is committed to maintain and uphold the legal rights of each service user.

Provision of Self-Medication

Educating and supporting the ability to safely and responsibly self-medicate.

Doors Open to Friends & Family

Open door policy for friends and family of each service user on and off BAC facilities.

Fair Treatment

Each service user reserves the right to voice their opinions and to be heard and considered.

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Our Mission


Here at Beecholme Adult Care we provide excellent person-centred support for individuals with mental health illness, dual diagnosis and complex needs as they progress through their path to independence. Promoting independence according to personal needs is paramount for us. Through well planned activities and a mental health care package that is personalised to the individual and is reviewed regularly, we support all residents of our supported living accommodation to reach their goals and be proud of their achievements.

Our Vision


We see Beecholme Adult Care to be a future centre of support in our community for individuals enduring with mental health difficulties. Our Care Home strives to be recognised as the leading provider of high quality, relationship-centred care for all service users who can recover their well-being and live a full life in their community. We aim to be there for somebody who is in need of support to deal with their diagnosis that leads to day to day struggles.




In 2011 Beecholme Adult Care opened its doors as a 12 bed mental health supported housing for male service users. Through years of improvement and a vision to be recognised as the leading provider of high quality, relationship-centred care, Beecholme Adult Care has expanded its business to offer further services to meet our residents needs within the care home. These include a 3-bed Step Down service that is available for clients who require more independence but with regular visits from staff members and Community Support which is also available for service users  who are independent, though still need regular support.


In 2017, Beecholme Adult Care opened a Community Outreach and Engagement centre on their premises, to offer workshops for relapse prevention and to support people with mental health diagnosis that are living in the community. Daily activities are being held in the Community Outreach and Engagement centre with the aim of empowering people to challenge their own abilities, increase their independence, be more involved in their own care and achieve their goals.


From 2019 Beecholme Adult Care welcomes in its new Cafe,  clients and professionals who would like to start their day with a healthy breakfast, enjoy a nutritious lunch, or simply have a hot cup of tea or coffee. People affected with or recovering from mental health problems  and everyone who feel lonely or isolated can drop into our little Café for a chat or a listening ear with BAC team. Beecholme Adult Care is constantly working towards making their care services more accessible, informative and diverse.