12 Week Recovery Program

A customised program developed to help people recover and to enhance their ability to live independently in the community.

24-Hour Residential

A comprehensive program of care for service users enduring mental health difficulties, assisted by professional support workers 24/7.

Life Coaching

BAC Life Coaches are instantly available via video calling. Through online support and guidance, life coaches help you define and achieve your personal goals.


Licensed therapists provide professional mental health counseling services online. Therapy sessions are conducted from the privacy of your home, or anywhere else that you feel safe.

Why Choose BAC Supported
Living Accommodation?


Newly refurbished Beecholme care home welcomes male adults between 18 and 65 years of age and benefits of 13 en-suite bedrooms. Professional care staff is available on site to support service users 24/7.

Safe & Secure Environment

The residential care home provides a Safe environment. Regularly inspected to comply with the high standards set by the Care Quality Commission, BAC is proud to achieve these mandatory high expectations.

Workshops & Educational Programs

Residents work together with their key workers to establish interests and hobbies that are beneficial for a successful recovery. All service users are encouraged to attend group or individual programs to regain lost abilities or develop new skills.

Comfortable & Personal Experience

Upon admission, service users will be given extra support during their settling in period. Within the first 7 days, the service user and their assigned key worker will work on a personalised mental health care plan and establish future goals and plans.

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What is
Online Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a collaborative partnership focused on helping reach your potential by achieving personal goals and dreams, increasing self-development, and building self-confidence. BAC is proud to offer Life Coaching in Surrey and beyond with Online Coaching.

The approach is similar to that of a coach who is developing an athlete to achieve victory in their sport — a Life Coach provides a framework for personal growth and follows that with a disciplined program to pursue and achieve established goals.

Provides clarity and directions
Guide to setting and achieving your goals
Unbiased support and feedback
Someone to hold you accountable
Flexibility and freedom

What is
Online Therapy?

Therapy is the process of working with a licensed therapist to develop positive thinking and coping skills and treat mental health issues such as mental illness and trauma.

Online therapy, also known as e-therapy, e-counselling, involves providing mental health services and support over the internet.

Mental health professionals who guide e-therapy sessions are usually psychologists, psychiatrists, licensed counsellors or social workers. If you’re looking for a therapist in Surrey whom you can consult online, please take a look at our therapists and counsellors.

Increase perception of anonymity
Ease of contact