Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
Who is BAC?

BAC is a company that provides mental health services in London since 2011. BAC currently offers Online Therapy and Life Coaching services through our platform affordable for all.

BAC Online counselling services provide access to licensed and accredited Therapists and Life Coaches who can help people in need to live a happier and healthier life and overcome everyday challenges in a stigma – free environment. 

BAC makes professional Therapy and Life Coaching services available anytime, anywhere, through a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Who will be supporting me?

BAC works with licensed and accredited Therapists and Life Coaches who can help you depending on your preferences, objectives and the reason why you are looking for support.

Our clients can visit BAC Counsellors profiles in the platform and book the session themselves or can email us at info@beecholmeadultcare.com to ask for assistance and guidance.

We will contact our clients within 48h to choose the best counsellor. 

How are the counselling sessions run?

Once you have booked your session , you will receive a confirmation email with the session details and an invitation link to Zoom Video call. Use this link to join the meeting on the scheduled time and day.

The session can be run using your phone, laptop, tablet or pc. If you don’t want to be seen and you feel uncomfortable using the video chat, simply turn the camera off and talk to your counsellor online via voice call.

We recommend to specify your meeting preferences (video or voice call) in the booking form.

What should I do if I feel my Therapist or Life Coach doesn’t meet my needs?

Therapists and Life Coaches have different approaches, ways of working and are expert in different areas. It is important to find the right person to support you and help you to achieve your goals.

If you feel your counsellor or Life Coach it’s not a good fit for you, we will support you to find the right professional to help you. We will guide you through our referral assessment to ensure you get the support you are looking for.

What if I am not satisfied with my online session?

With BAC you can rely on Quality, Safety and Trust.

If you’re not satisfied wit your online counselling session, we’ll arrange a free online session with an alternative counsellor for you or offer you a full refund.
Just email us at info@beecholmeadultcare.co.uk, or use our website chat.

How can I join a Zoom meeting ?

Use the Zoom Application

If you already have Zoom installed on your device, you can join a meeting directly from the app using the link provided in your booking confirmation and following the instructions.

Remember to approve the request for permission to use your computer’s audio and camera. Choose only “Audio” if you don’t want be visible.

Join a Zoom meeting through a web browser

You don’t need to install any extra software to join or even host a Zoom meeting. You can do it all through a web browser.

  1. Click on the meeting invite you received in the via email .
  2. A new tab will open on your preferred web browser. If you don’t have the Zoom app installed, the page will urge you to download the app.
  3. Ignore that and skip down to the small print: “If you cannot download or run the application, join from your browser.”
  4. Click the highlighted text in “join from your browser”.
  5. Sign in with your name to join the meeting.
Do I need an account to use Zoom?

No. A Zoom account is not required if you are strictly joining Zoom Meetings as a participant.

If you decide to create an account, please ensure that the name on the account matches the name you provided in the booking form.

If you decide not to create a Zoom account, please enter the name you provided in the booking form when prompted to add your display name. You will be asked to enter a Display Name after you’ve requested to join a meeting.

How can I pay my online session?

BAC payments are done through PayPal, a secure online payment system.

If you have any questions or require any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@beecholmeadultcare.co.uk , or on live chat or social media.

How can I reschedule a session?

If you are not able to attend the session and want to reschedule a new one , please email us at info@beecholmeadultcare.co.uk and provide the details of your booking and the desired date and time for a new session.

We highly recommend to reschedule a meeting at least 12 hours prior the session.

Can I cancel a session?

To cancel your session, please email us at online@beecholmeadultcare.co.uk and provide the details of your booking.

Please note that free cancellations are accepted with 12 hours notice from the beginning of the session.

NO REFUND will be given if an appointment is not cancelled at least 12 hours in advance or you don’t attend the session without notice.

Check our  Terms and Conditions  for further details.

Is my privacy protected?

We take privacy really seriously and we secure the data of all our clients. The online counselling sessions are run by Zoom that has a privacy and data policy and procedure protecting all the data of the clients. 

At BAC, we have internal policies and procedures covering data protection, duty of candor and confidentiality that protects all the information from our clients. All our Therapists and Life Coaches have a Services Agreement which covers the privacy of our clients.

Do I need any membership?

No, you will pay per session or block of sessions if you want to use our discounts. You don’t need to have any membership. 

BAC Online Therapy
How can BAC Online Therapy help me?

BAC accredited and certified online therapists are trained in multiple areas of expertise and can help you to improve your wellbeing and mental health, build better behaviours, navigate your feelings and relate to your thoughts differently so you can live the life you want. Counselling can take different forms depending on your needs and what type of therapy may be suitable.

Our therapists are expertise in different areas such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Eating Disorders
  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • Relationships (Family or Friends)

Most online therapy takes place in planned, regular sessions which last for around 50 minutes. How often you see your therapist and how many appointments you have will depend on your individual circumstances, and will be agreed between you and your therapist.

Who are BAC Online Therapists?

BAC is committed to providing an outstanding online counselling service that offers high standards of skilful and ethical practice.  The eligibility criteria are designed to ensure that BAC is recruiting proficient counsellors of suitable expertise and standard, to adequately meet clients’ exacting needs.   

BAC has an extensive eligible criteria to ensure all counsellors are qualified:

  1. Minimum Level 4 qualification in respective modality such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Person-centred therapy, Psychodynamic Counselling, Cognitive analytic therapy (CAT).
  2. Minimum of 200 practice hours post qualification and a minimum of 2 years experience. 
  3. Accreditation, eligibility of accreditation or registration to practice as a counsellor with a reputable professional body such as the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP), The National Counselling Society (NCS), British Psychoanalytic Society (BCP) or any other governing body accredited by the Professional Standards Authority. 
Is online therapy really effective?

Research consistently shows that online treatment can be very effective for many mental health issues. Here are the results of a few studies:

  • A 2014 study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders found that online treatment was just as effective as face-to-face treatment for depression.
  • A 2018 study published in the Journal of Psychological Disorders found that online cognitive behavioral therapy is, “effective, acceptable and practical health care.” The study found the online cognitive behavioral therapy was equally as effective as face-to-face treatment for major depression, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder.
  • A 2014 study published in Behaviour Research and Therapy found that online cognitive behavioral therapy was effective in treating anxiety disorders. Treatment was cost-effective and the positive improvements were sustained at the one-year follow-up.
Why should I choose BAC Online Therapy over traditional face-to-face treatment?

Online therapy offers has some benefits over traditional face-to-face treatment:

  • Most online therapy services cost less than face-to-face treatment.
  • Scheduling is more convenient for many people.
  • Studies show online therapy requires 7.8 times less of a therapist’s time than face-to-face treatment, meaning therapists can often treat more people online than they can in-person.
  • Clients don’t have to worry about seeing people they know in the waiting room.
  • It can be easier for some people to reveal private information when they’re sharing it online.
  • Individuals with anxiety, especially social anxiety, are more likely to reach out to an online therapist.
Is it BAC online therapy expensive?

BAC Online platform aims to provide online therapy to all at the most affordable prices.

All our counsellors have a different cost per session, our prices range from £40 to £125 to ensure that everybody is able to benefit from BAC online therapy.

Also, we regularly launch promos that can be found in our main page. 

Is Online Therapy for everyone?

Online therapy isn’t for everyone. It is not the right solution for you if any of the following is true:

  • You have thoughts of hurting yourself or others
  • You are a minor or you are under the care of a legal guardian
  • You are in an urgent crisis or an emergency situation
  • You have been diagnosed with a severe mental illness, or if you have been advised to be in psychological supervision or psychiatric care
  • You were required to undergo therapy or counseling either by a court order or by any other authority
  • You do not have a device that can connect to the Internet or you do not have a reliable Internet connection
How can I get started with BAC Online Therapy ?

Click here to find your therapist or email us at info@beecholmeadultcare.co.uk . We will respond to your request within 48hours. 

BAC Online Coaching
How is life coaching different from other service professions?

Life coaching focuses on goal setting, outcome creation, and personal change management. This differs from other guidance services such as therapy, consulting, and mentoring. Therapy can deal with conflict within an individual or in relationships with very specific focused solutions that often require deep analysis of the past. Mentoring is similar to coaching but is industry or affinity based and focuses on the mentor’s personal experiences to guide an individual. pre-set objectives set out by a trainer or instructor and are not personalized to an individual’s needs.

What can BAC Life Coach help me with?

Life coaches are individuals that help people in their professional life and personal life by encouraging them and pushing them to reach their full potential.

Life coaches will help people with major life transitions, such as a period following a major career shift, divorce or marriage, a new addition to the family, or even a death in the family. Life coaches will also help people that struggle with low self-esteem find the courage and confidence they need to tackle any roadblocks in their way. For example, if you’re anxious about starting a small business, a life coach could potentially help you make that major career change and become the business owner you want to be.

Who are BAC Life Coaches?

BAC is committed to providing an outstanding online coaching service that offers high standards of skilful and ethical practice.  The eligibility criteria are designed to ensure that BAC is recruiting proficient coaches of suitable expertise and standard, to adequately meet clients’ exacting needs.  

BAC has an extensive eligible criteria to ensure all Life Coaches are qualified:

  1. Accredited, diploma or certified qualification in specialist modality such as Life Coaching, Stress Management, Wellness Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Executive Coaching.
  2. Minimum of 50 practice hours and 40 hours of training.
  3. Accreditation, eligibility of accreditation or membership with a reputable professional body such as the Association for Coaching (AC), International Coach Federation (ICF), European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC), Association for Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision (APECS),  International Society for Coaching Psychology (ISCP) or the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), to competently practice as a coach.
What kind of Life Coach do I need?

Most life coaches do general life coaching but are also experts in one or more of the following areas: career, business, relationships, health & wellness, spirituality & law of attraction, or recovery from addictions. If you’re not sure exactly which niche fits your needs, talk to a couple of life coaches and then decide.

What happens during a life coaching session?

Life coaching sessions will typically last between 45 minutes and 60 minutes (depending on the life coach you choose).

During the session, your life coach will ask you a number of questions, such as what you want to achieve in life, what areas you’re unhappy with and where you’d like to see yourself in the future. Although a life coach will work with you, it’s often up to you to challenge or reflect upon certain ideas you have to help you move forward with your life. You will never be forced to make any decisions you don’t feel comfortable with and all sessions will be confidential, allowing you to explore your thoughts and feelings privately in a safe space.

Life coaching is often seen as a partnership between you and your life coach, who will gently encourage you to explore how to make positive changes in your life based on your aspirations. A life coach should also offer support and feedback to help you to stay focused on your goals and will occasionally set you tasks and objectives to work on outside of sessions.

How many life coaching sessions will I need?

You can have as many or as few life coaching sessions as you like. Because life coaches operate over the phone or via the Internet, the sessions can easily fit around your schedule. Some people hire a life coach once every few months, some people have a session once a week. Often, it is entirely up to you to decide.

Is Online Life Coaching right for me?

There are still some people who strongly believe that a face to face presence is necessary for coaching to be effective. However, most are finding that life coaching on the telephone or online video is equally as effective but significantly more convenient and cost effective. The most critical element between a coach and a client is the rapport. Believing that your coach truly understands you and feeling confident that they can help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be is what really matters. The best coach may be in a different city or even country and can serve you more powerfully than the one who lives next door!

Finding 3 coaches in your local area, setting up face to face appointments, can be arduous and time consuming. All of our coaches have agreed to have a free consultation with you to answer your questions and mutually agree if the fit is right.

How much does it cost?

BAC Online platform aims to provide online coaching to all at the most affordable prices.

All our online counsellors have a different cost per session, our prices range from £30 to £145 to ensure we are inclusive and accessible.

We regular launch promos that can be found in our main page. 

For Counsellors
Why should I join your website?

We help you build and growth your business

  • We do extensive marketing to create a counselling lead funnel so you can focus on counselling and not worry about how to find your clients. You have the freedom to choose which clients you want to work with, where and when.
  • Opportunity to leverage your expertise on our blog site providing you another resource to attract clients.
What does the application process consist of, and how long will it take?

All providers interested in joining our platform complete the application process. The process involves completing a series of required forms. Our team verifies the submission of key data through primary and secondary sources. If all information is verified, our credentialing team then reviews the full application and verification information to make a decision.
The application takes an average of 5 – 7 days.


If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please do not hesitate to email us at info@beecholmeadultcare.co.uk, one member of BAC team will reply to you as soon as possible and provide the best assistance.

If you’d prefer to contact us on social media (Facebook and Instagram) that’s ok too.

Just know that all requests are checked regularly from Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm Uk time, and occasionally over the weekend.