How do the payments work?
You will receive direct payment 24 hours after each session is completed.
How much does BAC charge?
We will charge the clients an additional £5 for each session booked as a fee to over admin, marketing and transaction cost. The costs are based on 60 minutes.
What payment system do we use?

Our payment system is PayPal.

If you have another preferred method of payment such as BACS, please email our support line and we can arrange this.  Please be aware other payment methods may take longer than our standard 24 hour payment period with PayPal.


Why should I pay and communicate through BAC directly?

Paying and communicating through BAC helps ensure that you’re protected under our Terms and Conditions of Service, cancellation and refund policies. It acts as a safeguard, we can’t provide these benefits if your session is not booked and paid for directly through BAC.

Paying or communication outside of BAC also makes it harder for us to protect your information and puts you at greater risk of fraud and other security issues.