How clients book sessions
First you will need to set up your availability in your calendar. The client will choose a slot and request for the session to be booked. Once you confirm the session the client will be notified and the session will appear on you calendar. All sessions are currently delivered via Zoom.
How to confirm a pending session

When a new session is booked, it is automatically set as waiting for approval (PENDING).

Both client and counsellor receive an email informing them that the session needs to be confirmed.

To confirm the session is very easy. Counsellor has to log into his/her account and goes to Amelia> Appointments.

In Appointments , counsellor is able to check the details of the session and to confirm it by simply clicking on the status of the session (PENDING). A drop down list appears, to confirm please select APPROVED.

As the status of the appointment changes from PENDING to APPROVED, both client and counsellor receive a confirmation email with the details of the session and a link to the Zoom Meeting.


Do I get information about my client before the first session?
Yes. Clients are asked to complete a ‘first session’ questionnaire which will provide you with key information about them and the reason(s) they are looking for counselling or coaching.
How do I report suspicious messages or activity?

All suspicious activity should be reported to our online support team. Please email us if you detect any suspicious activity.

How long do sessions last?
Counsellors can choose the duration of the sessions. The minimum duration is 45 minutes.
Client Reviews
All clients will be asked to review their counsellor or coach and these reviews in turn will be visible. Reviews will make up part of the BAC ranking system which affects which page counsellors and coaches/practitioners appear on within the website.

– Ensure your computer cannot be accessed by anyone else
– Password protect your devices and make sure they are turned off when you’re not working
– Ensure you have a comfortable, private, and confidential working space, free from distractions. Think about what is behind you on the wall. You might want to consider fitting a lock to your door to ensure confidentiality.
– Use headphones to ensure your clients’ voices cannot be heard by others.
– Turn off all listening devices such as Alexa and Siri

The challenge with working ethically means that counsellors and coaches will inevitably encounter situations that require responses to unexpected issues, resolution of dilemmas and solutions to problems. BAC has designed a Code of Conduct with the aim to assist those persons subject to the Code by directing them to the variety of ethical factors that may need to be taken into consideration and helping to identify alternative ways of approaching ethical behaviour

First Session
The first session with your client is crucial to establishing a trusting relationship and essential for fact-finding. If appropriately matched for successful future working together and you are appropriately suited to meet the clients needs, discussion can take place as to how many additional sessions may be required. The client then has the opportunity to go away, reflect and book further sessions with you. Clients can book either individual or a block of sessions.