10 Bad Habits that impact your mental health

Bad habits and mental health

Bad habits for our mental health tend to go ignored. We all have some “bad” habits.  While having bad habits is part of being human, sometimes they turn “toxic” and can negatively affect our mental health.  From time to time, it’s important to take a step back and evaluate how much our habits are hurting […]

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Ways to relieve mental stress

Mental Stress

What is mental stress? Mental stress  is an emotional tension or mental strain. It is  a natural feeling of not being able to cope with specific demands and events that come from work, relationships, financial pressures, and other situations. Stress is something everyone experiences. It is part of being human, and it can help motivate […]

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Lack of concentration: what does it mean and how to overcome it

Overcoming lack of concentration Suffering from lack of concentration and an inability to focus on a single task is completely normal in times of high stress, anxiety and uncertainty. At this time of global pandemic where we all struggle to process the changes that are happening, it is quite normal feeling unable to concentrate. What […]

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