Signs your therapist isn’t a right fit for you

Right therapist

The importance of choosing the right therapist When you’re dealing with mental health issues, finding the right therapist can make all the difference. However, just because a therapist comes highly-recommended doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll provide the right treatment for you—and in many cases, seeing someone who’s a bad fit can do more harm than good.  […]

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Mental Health professionals: what are the differences?

Mental health Professional

Finding the right mental health professional can help you take control of any issue in your life. But which mental health professional is right for  you? We’ve gathered together the basic information you need to learn about different types of mental health professionals to help understand the differences between the services they offer. Psychotherapist  Psychotherapy […]

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Therapy for trauma and PTSD

Trauma and PTSD

What is Trauma therapy  Trauma therapy is just that – a form of talk therapy aimed at treating the emotional and mental health consequences of trauma. Trauma therapy is not one specific type of therapy. Instead, a variety of therapies can be used alone or together to help you deal with the trauma and move on […]

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