8 Self Care Habits for a Better Mental Health

8 Self Care Habits

Taking control of your mental wellness and all round well being can often get smothered underneath the demands of life. Through the pressure of work and managing a home, it’s easy to forget to make time for your own self-care. Making your mental health a priority is one of the most important things you can […]

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8 Mental Health Tips for the Christmas Season

December has arrived and Christmas is around the corner! The holiday season is a busy time for most. There is so much to do, attend and plan, which can bring up feelings of being overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, and depressed. This is also a time where people may feel acutely aware of the void left by […]

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What Is Anxiety


Everyone feels anxious from time-to-time. Typically, it happens when we experience stress and tends to gradually subside after the high pressure moments have passed.  Anxiety is part of our body’s natural defences, a reaction to feeling under threat. It is an emotion that is characterised by feelings of tension, worried thoughts, and physical changes like […]

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Mindfulness: the art of living the present moment


What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness. It’s a pretty straightforward word. It suggests that the mind is fully attending to what’s happening, to what you’re doing, to the space you’re moving through. Often our mind takes flight, we lose touch with our body, and pretty soon we’re engrossed in obsessive thoughts about something that just happened. And […]

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What is Seasonal Affective Disorder and How to Manage It

Seasonal Affective Disorder

What is Seasonal Affective Disorder Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), or Seasonal Depression, is a type of depression that typically arises during the colder, darker autumn and winter months. It’s thought that this happens for a few  reasons: 1. There’s less daylight and therefore vitamin D, which can lead to your serotonin levels being affected. Serotonin […]

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What is Depression?

Everyone feels sad at times, but major depressive disorder and other forms of depression are more than just feeling down. Depression causes persistent, long-lasting symptoms that can make even the most simple activities extremely difficult to take on.  Keep in mind that depression is a condition that can only be properly diagnosed by a health […]

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It’s ok to take a mental health day

Self-care is very important – it allows you to take care of not only your most basic physical human needs (hygiene, exercise, eating, drinking water, sleeping), but also your mental wellness (taking a break from work, meditation, reading). Many people, however, view self-care as unnecessary and self-indulgent. When it comes to mental health a lot […]

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Feed your mood with healthy food

Food for the mood

The food you eat can affect the health of your mind and body. Your diet can influence everything from your energy level to your body fat and even the appearance of your skin and hair. So it should come as no surprise that the foods you eat can also have an effect on your brain and […]

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A new journey begins

Beecholme Adult Care has finally decided to take the plunge and add a blog to its site. We always looked for  an easy way to share information with people suffering from mental illness and we are super excited to start this journey.  BAC blog is about mental health, wellbeing substance abuse treatment and healthy relationships.  […]

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