10 tips to be happy at work 

Are you happy at work? If not, it might be time to consider exploring your options. However, sometimes this isn’t an option, so we have been working on creating advice to help boost your happiness at work.

Enjoying the work that you do is crucial, not only to maintain productivity but also to help support a healthy, balanced life. 

Whether your job is one you feel passionate about or one that you simply know you can do well, you can increase your happiness at work with a variety of everyday strategies.

Here are our ten tips on boosting happiness in the workplace. 

1. Keep a positive attitude and mindset

Being positive is the key to happiness! Of course it is hard being positive when there are many stressful things going on at work or outside of work. However, if you practice positive thinking before, during, and after work, it can really make a big difference throughout your whole day.It can boost up your mood and influence you to look forward to what has to come next. Practicing daily on having a positive mindset can make your work enjoyable. Thinking to yourself, “Todays going to be a great day”, “I’m so thankful for today”, “I can do it”, “I’m not going to give up” is a good way to push yourself to being more positive and feel happy at work. 

2. Take a break to breath

It’s easy to get burned out during the workday. That’s why you need to take a minute and breath before moving on to your next task. 

By not taking a break, you won’t get along with others as well, and you won’t take criticism without the possibility of imploding. It is a must to control the level of our daily stress.

You also need to take time off to recharge from the stress of work. In fact, taking a vacation not only relieves stress and recharges us, it can also improve our overall health and make us more productive at work.

3. Only Make Commitments You Can Keep

One of the most serious causes of work stress and unhappiness is failing to keep commitments.  To manage stress levels and minimize unhappiness at work, create a system for tracking your commitments and managing your schedule. Stay organized enough that you can judge quickly and accurately whether you are actually able to commit to a request or a new assignment. Don’t volunteer for additional work or office tasks if you don’t have time.

If your workload is exceeding your available time and energy, don’t accept the unhappy status quo. Talk to your coworkers to see if anyone else is feeling the same way, then talk to your boss about how the company can provide the additional time, help, or resources that employees need.

4. Avoid Negativity

Participating in a toxic work environment will increase your unhappiness, no matter how much you enjoy your job. Choosing to be happy at work means avoiding negative conversations, gossip, and unhealthy work relationships as much as possible.

No matter how positively you feel, negative people have a deep impact on your psyche. If you find that certain groups at work are more likely to engage in negative behaviours such as gossip or complaining, try to distance yourself from those people. If that’s not possible, do your best to redirect conversations onto more positive topics.

You can also choose to talk to your employer about creating a company culture that values positivity and cooperation, rather than competitiveness, to create a happier work environment for all employees.

5.Take Time for Yourself

Creating a strong work-life balance can be crucial to feeling satisfied in our jobs, but rarely do we ever address how we’re spending our time outside of work.

Many of us survive a 9-hour work day and commute home only to find ourselves busy with our personal to-do lists, running a household, and taking care of a child or even more.

If you spend all your time working, whether in the office or within your household, you’re going to feel drained at some point. This is why setting meaningful time for yourself every day is highly important, be it just 30 minutes to an hour, can really make a difference in how you feel at work.

6. Make friends at work

Having strong friendships at work, whether or not those friendships carried over into their outside lives, help you be happier and more motivated.

Indeed gathering a circle of colleagues who share similar backgrounds or lifestyles can take a lot of pressure off you at work. When you are able to voice your feelings to people who understand, it can really help minimize stress.

7. Eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water

It is really important to try to keep healthy when you are feeling down at work. 

Staying hydrated is a simple thing everyone can do to stay healthy, alert, and happy. You can snack smarter, too: foods that are high in antioxidants, like some berries, nuts, leafy greens, and yes, dark chocolate, have been shown to support brain health

8. Be future-oriented

You will make better decisions and be more satisfied with your results if you know that most of what you’re doing in your work at this time still fits into your long-term plans and goals. That’s only possible if you keep those plans and goals in the forefront.

9. Don’t bring your personal problems to work

Thinking about your personal problems at work is not going to benefit you or the problem itself. It can actually cause discontent and affect others mood. There are many ways to keep your problems away from work. Keep yourself busy by socialising with your coworkers, try to think positively, and talk to a coach that can support you and give you advice on your personal problems and be more happy at work.

10. If all else fails, job searching will make you smile

You don’t need to love your job, but it shouldn’t make you miserable on a regular basis.

In that case, it may be time to reevaluate your employer, your job, or your entire career. Even if you have to remain in your current position for a while longer, actively searching for a new job that is more in line with your professional interests and personal values may be the best thing you can do to gain a sense of control and put a smile on your face once more. Have you thought about booking a session with a career coach?

Contact us today, and start taking the next steps to feel happier at your workplace or to finding a new career altogether and changing your life. At BAC e, we understand the importance of feeling valued and content throughout your working life, as this can affect your life outside of the workplace and filter into your personal life.