The second lockdown is being a challenge for all of us. The days pass by and we don’t know where to find more motivation and things to do. 


We all know we cannot dissociate our body from our mind and they work together for our wellbeing! In this article, we want to give you some ideas on how to stay mentally and physically active! 

How to stay physically active during lockdown

  • Do your daily chores: step away from your desk and organize your daily chores! They can be boring but put your favorite playlist on and start doing your chores!
  • Exercise: take this chance to scrap all the excuses for not exercising! Organize in a weekly calendar a 30 min workout! Maybe you don’t like exercising but you can dance around the house or do a good deep cleaning.
  • Eat well: staying active is not all about moving your body but also eating well! In other words, take this chance to spend more time in the kitchen, scrap the ready meals, and invest the time on a healthy diet!
  • Meditation & Yoga: Stretch your body and mind with meditation and yoga! Therefore you can find online a lot of meditation and Yoga exercised to help you with your wellbeing!


How to stay mentally active during lockdown

  • Use your imagination: Take this opportunity to do something you have been delaying for a while like writing a book, a planner, a to-do-list, etc.
  • Improve your knowledge: do that online course that you have been thinking of for months, take time to see a documentary.
  • Learn a new skill: there are so many skills you could learn using the internet: art & crafts, sew, paint etc.
  • Play board games: Monopoly, Cluedo, Kerplunk, Buckaroo, Mousetrap, play a game, and bring out that competitive side.
  • Socialize regularly: even if we need to keep isolated during the lockdown,  take advantage of the technology to text and call your family and friends!
  • Complete a crossword puzzle, brain teaser, sudoku, word search, spot the difference, complete some jigsaws, play lego, enjoy challenging your brain 
  • SLOW DOWN: Lose yourself in a world of fiction, use self-help books, explore nature, be inspired by others, meditate, or listen to some calm music.


At BAC, our team of life coaches can help you to maintain a good lifestyle and improve your wellbeing! Book your first session now and learn how to take care of yourself!