The COVID-19 Pandemic we are living in has been a challenge for all of us. The lockdowns are particularly difficult to manage as we need to give up our freedom and change all our routines. 

For those in relationships, spending 24h with your partner can put a strain on the spark. 

Statistics released after the second lockdown, 39% of people in the UK who are married or in a relationship reported high anxiety levels up from 19% before. 

According to BBC, A UK-wide poll of 2,000 people at the start of lockdown found 23% said it was placing pressure on their relationship.

What can I do to improve my relationship before starting an online couple therapy?

Before starting online couple therapy, one of the tips is to work in separate spaces if possible, have your own space to do your work every day. It is also important to keep the social life with your friends, even if it’s over a video call, do some physical activity, and plan to do some things separately from your partner. 

What about if we have kids?

The pressure is even bigger if the couple has kids: share the household tasks, support kids with homework, work from home and meet the deadlines are just some of the challenges that can easily increase the pressure on a relationship. 

When is time to try couple therapy?

When your strategies are not working, it is time to look for professional help to support you with the couple therapy. Getting help from a counsellor is essential in resolving serious issues. Couple therapy can help you and your partner make a thoughtful decision about either rebuilding your relationship or going your separate ways. 

The therapist can help you and your partner to listen to each other on a different level which can be essential to find the solutions for your problems. 

Why choose online therapy instead of traditional face to face?

First, with the pandemic we are living in, online support is always safer than face to face. Online therapy can also help you with the stress of finding the best day and time when you both are available to attend the session and not to deal with all the time and stress spent in traffic to attend the appointment 

Online therapy can also offer you a big intimacy to share your feelings, attending the session from home, without living in your own space won’t make you so uncomfortable. 

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